Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March - It's Women's History Month, so I'm making a change

I'm on a bit of a history jag. I've been thinking about how bits of history get lost.

At times this is done intentionally, but mostly it slips through the cracks. It is the words or actions that aren't written down. It's the modesty that is nice to experience in a time that can be filled with overbearing "me-ness". It's being focused outside of ourselves.

Caricatures of each of us visiting commissioners was drawn by staff at La Pintoresca Branch Library. No signature - so no credit given where credit due. Oh, did I mention I happen to be Library Commission Chair? See what I mean?

I do the same thing when I respond to emails. But a change will take place today. From here on out, or until I change my mind, I'm going to highlight what I've written, where you can read my writing, and the like.

My email signature reads:
Roberta H Martínez
Author/Latinos in Pasadena


  1. Don't forget to add: "Chair, Pasadena Library Commission."

    1. And that is where it begins to really be interesting. So many of us, especially women, add what we do for others, all of which may be wonderful. But I like what you and other folks do - highlighting the craft or work that you do. I research and I write and it's okay for me to let folks know where they can seem my work.