Sunday, March 4, 2012

Local R & R

I love my home in Pasadena. Cute little bungalow that it is, but today James and I went on a micro vacation and spent part of our afternoon in Claremont and Covina. We stopped at Stamp Your Heart Out, Some Crust Bakery, and at Claremont's Farmers Market. There were a couple of surprises at the Farmer's Market. It wasn't the good food or lovely handmade wares that were a part of the market.

It was the fact that there in the market was a stand/canopy with information on the city itself. When I asked the rather nice man whether this was supported by the Chamber or by Planning and Development - he replied Council. In fact, as it turns out, he is one of Claremont's Council members. Turns out once a month they take hour long shifts at the market. A little bit of meet and greet on the second Sunday of the month.

In passing I mentioned that we were from Pasadena. He quickly shared that we were really lucky to have Mercy Santoro working for us. I agreed wholeheartedly. And we all laughed as he theatrically shook his fist at Pasadena for getting "one of the good ones".

Then James and I walked on around the Village. All of these plants were real, but along other parking areas the turf was artificial grass.
Hmmm...another good idea, especially in areas where there was a lot of sun and no shade.

Before we hopped in the car to get to Ikea (Covina) we stopped at The Grove. They had a lot of retro furnishings. Antiques like record players, woven tapestries with owl designs, and rotary telephones.
We saw this gorgeous table outside the main shop. Another hmmm...We'd been thinking about re-doing our picnic table. I took a bite of my oatmeal raisin cookie and considered the possibilities.


  1. I'm considering the possibility, even without the raisin cookie. What a table (and what a great day).

  2. I know we won't do anything as glorious since our table isn't so big, but the idea, oh, the idea of it! I look forward to seeing your tilework if you're able to tile a table.
    By the way, I have remnants of the cookie. I broke it up that it might last a little longer.