Thursday, May 17, 2012

The candidates at the Forum

There is something in the lighting of the Crawford Family Forum at KPCC that just doesn't balance the great sound that exists in that auditorium.  They were each very focused on what they were about to say and were animated when they shared their thoughts.  
That having been said, here are the candidates for the 41st Assembly District as they appeared at the Forum last week.

Michael Cacciotto, Ewin Colton, Chris Holden, Donna Lowe, Victoria Rusnak
To a one they were  passionate about their political philosophies and it was mostly clear on where they stand on many of the issues that are being discussed throughout the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley.  I submitted a question regarding their position on the Dream Act.  The question wasn't asked.  Wish it had been.  The Dream Act isn't a litmus test for me, but it gives me some sense about how a given candidate views the future of California.

I know who is going to get my vote on June 5.   I hope that you've thought about this, too, if you live in the 41st Assembly District.  There are some radical differences in their sense of what living in the foothills means.  And the person who is elected will represent you and me in Sacramento.

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