Friday, June 1, 2012

Doors, doors, doors

Over the past ten days I have gone past all sorts of doors.  Some more photogenic than others.  
This first door led to the Scholar's Retreat at Berkeley.  A couple of treasure filled days - surrounded by all sorts of academic wonders.  Gloves necessary, information flowing from primary sources, pencil only places.  
Letters and notes, memoires and ephemera, bits of thoughts and time frozen in fading ink.  Opinions and thoughts to be measured one against the other.

Other doors led to barrels and glasses of wine.  Giant grand gestures to remind us of Tuscany or a surprise win in France with a chardonnay for the ages.
Or leading to a lighthouse on the California coast.  
These and so many more.  

And then to come home and find another door has opened.  It is official.  I have received a letter that has let me know that I'm approved to be a Reader at the Huntington Library.  
More doors are going to open soon and I can barely wait to see what is on the other side.

DOORSU.C. Berkeley, Faculty Club - Scholar's Retreat, Napa Valley - Castello di Amorosa, chapel, Crescent City - Battery Point Lighthouse


  1. Oh ohohohohohoh!!!!!


    I've always wanted to see inside those rooms. I'm very excited for you.

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  3. Previous comment removed due to an oops on my part.

    I'll share as much of the experience as possible. I register on Tuesday.