Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Latino Heritage Tequila Tasting

There are lots of things that I get to do as the Executive Director of Latino Heritage.  Granted, it's a volunteer position, but I get to share things on this blog that are a part of my life. 

Just yesterday I went to Pasadena High School's Visual Arts and Design Academy and presented information that they will use for the work they'll design for this year's Latino Heritage parade. 

I heard one student comment, "Why, do we need to know history?  This is an art class".  By the end of the class I think they were fairly solidly involved.  The idea that seemed to resonate with the class was "The time you grow up in influences who you are".  And the fact that folks in the arts use history to tell their story.  

Giving a lecture or leading a workshop is the sort of thing our volunteer based organization does with great regularity.  Usually we are able to do our work at precious little or no cost.  Putting on a parade, well that's quite another matter.  The bucks are needed for permits, rentals and the like.  Even with good folks and the City of Pasadena helping, the bills are pretty darn big.

So voilà, our poster for our annual fundraiser.  At $35, it's really reasonable and goes to a fine cause.  Please help, if you can.  If you can't, please share with a friend who might be able to help.

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