Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some of Cheli's Blues

The girls are gone.  Funny thing about being this age.  You know how you're likely to feel before you feel it.  

I knew when I saw Cheli's shoes on the kitchen floor, pointing in a direction but without a skipper, that I would feel sad when they left.  I do.  But I also knew that our time together would make lots of memories I would enjoy in the future.

Not quite sure where Cheli was when Lili and Kate were working on the globe placement, but she was around somewhere.  Lili was very clearly not moving anywhere very far, very fast.

I don't have pictures from the party.  But I was able to go out and take some shots the following morning.  The sun and trees playing with the humidity - so the shadows were scrumptious.  

It took no time till the sun made its way over and through the clouds.

Even the Keep Gate Closed sign was made a bit magical by the sunlight. The sign was meant to keep Leia in the yard, but it wasn't hard to imagine that it could have applied to dragons, too.

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