Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dribs and drabs on a busy day

There is a grand mural by Leo Politi on Olvera Street.  His "Blessing of the Animals" is just outside of the Mexican Cultural Insittute not too far from the Plaza Methodist Church.

The Pasadena connection?  You may wonder; it's there.

The daughter of the Avila Adobe household on Olvera Street, married Manuel Garfias.  alfter California became a part of the U.S., Garfias was the first owner of Rancho San Pascaul under U.S. law.  Much of Rancho San Pascual would be later incorporated into the City of Pasadena.

All of this is interesting, maybe even fun to learn, to us adults.  When you are eight or four, this might not be considered fun.

What was fun for Lili and Cheli was being "encouraged" to be a part of the Politi mural.  I suspect it was easier for them to connect since there were so many children and animals throughout.

They each had their way  

 ...of becoming a part of the mural.

I gave them no specific direction.

They acted out what some of us may feel in hearts or see in our minds when we look at art 
and think about how we relate to it 
and it to us.

Thanks to my personal editor for helping me simplify the segment on the Olvera Street connection.

I tell you, it is a busy day.


  1. and Leo Politi has some paintings in the South Pasadena Library (was that part of the San Rafael rancho too? If I dig really hard I might find an (now old) reproduction of a rancho map that Vic got long ago at a swap meet. Oh, and I have the Politi book. Wish I had kept the cover. It belonged to my father who used to love to take us to the Bunker Hill neighborhood and photograph the Victorians. I treasure that book. Love this subject and aren't those grand baby's Adorable

  2. South Pas was part of Rancho El Rincon de San Pascual. I think San Rafael was the other side of the arroyo.
    I bet the map is a cool one. Every holiday I used to read the book about La Posada. Thanks about the grandbabies. There is an openness and welcoming to expression that I find uplifting. Made my heart happy to see them abandon themselves in the art.