Saturday, September 8, 2012

Latino Heritage Tequila Tasting - day to night

Most of today will be spent getting ready for the Tequila Tasting tonight.  
The link below will lead you to more detail.

This morning I thought I would take photos of the titled stars.  

The individual shots went well.

However, like most group photos, there was always one star that was clearly out of focus.

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  1. Sorry we weren't able to come, but as I'm unable to drink alcohol I thought I'd feel left out. I miss it, I do!

  2. Sorry you didn't make it. It would have been fun for you to be a part of the festivities. Had you come you would not have have been the only non-drinker. We had water and two sorts of non-alcoholic jamaica. I think the years of teaching preschool where Littles had all sorts of dietary needs taught me to think multiple options.