Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving and a welcome home

Yesterday was all about food - here were our really yummy game hens.  
Recipe and more next week.

Today was about bringing a dog home to see if he passe Larry inspection.  Near as we can figure there's a good deal of Parson Rusell Terrier about him.

Happy to say he did. 

 It looks like I passed his inpection.

Pánfilo Plutarco is now part of our family.


  1. Oh, I'm so happy for all of you. He's got that jaunty ear-thing going on, always a good sign. Plus terriers are so darned smart.

  2. Thanks. He is a few years old, but he was suggested to us by our dear friend who not only knows us, but knows Larry well. Turns out he is from an ashram on Mt. Washington. We've bought some goodies for him and he is already learning a few simple commands. Larry has given his seal of approval.

  3. I love Pánfilo already! And believe it or not, a knew a yogi who went to that ashram. He was my teacher for a while. I wonder if he was friends with Pánfilo.

    Dog will learn anything you want to teach them, as long as you're consistent. Boz still learns new things. I am amazed by him daily.

  4. Could be they at least saw each other in passing. Not sure how long it has been since you were there. Pánfilo, alternately called Panfi or Fil, was a stray they found on the grounds. We think that some males may have been mean to him since he is most wary of a male carrying or having something in his hand.
    We're thinking he'll get past that as being treated well, replaces being treated not well, in his memory.
    As far as Boz goes, well, the eyes and brow do it for me. Knowing he is still learning is frosting.

  5. Replies
    1. Yup. I've never been around little dogs before. This little dog seems to have some of the best characteristics of a dog and cat in a small package. He's affectionate, independent, sprightly, can fall asleep on your lap without causing one pain, and will tussle while gently growling. Off to the vets on Monday for a check up, removal of stitches (he was neutered), and insertion of a microchip.

  6. I've never owned a dog, but if I ever have my property fenced in properly, I think I might drop my fantasies of a large dog and go with something in Pánfilo's range. How much does your pup weigh?

    1. We think he might weigh about 17 pounds. When we're at the vet tomorrow, we'll find out all sorts of details. We're still in the honeymoon period, but it's a good honeymoon so far.