Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Open Door Day

I have mostly enjoyed our past weeks of winter cold.  Kind of exciting for someone who has lived all of her life in the greater LA area to walk on frost on our garden walkways.  I find the crunching my feet makes when I walk on it both magical and musical.  I feel a bit as if I'm traveling to a new place while still in my own backyard.  

Today is the first day since I don't remember when that I am able to open the door and let the gentle warmth of the outside air come in the house.  It's bright enough outside that my photo looks like there are two different skies.  I'm sure James or another person with a good bit of science tucked under their arms could explain the "why" to me.  Not sure I'd hear them today, I'm so deeply enjoying the change I can't attend to much else.

Time to switch from "If On a Winter's Night" to "Nothing Like the Sun".  Both are by Sting, but the one is so lovely on a gray overcast day and the other begs to be listened to while the air is barely warm and very still.  I'll be ready for more rain and cold, but for today...

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