Friday, January 18, 2013

The Pánfilo Tales - A Singular Tail

There are many surprising things about living with Pánfilo.  James often shares how surprised he is that he has come to love a little dog.  He, and I, are happier and healthier for having to take Pánfilo out on walks.  Sometimes they are meanderings in our backyard and sometimes out in the neighborhood.  In either case it's good exercise.

We are surprised that folks may have treated him poorly.  He can be a bit of funky combination of worried warrior and Napoleonic complex as a result.  At the core, and so easily shared with us, is a loving sweet, excitable creature.  

And then there is the tail.  Like a feather taken from a showgirl's drunken head dress.  Or a drunken show girl's head dress after a really late night.   It rolls, around and around and around.  

On days when he's happiest standing on my lap it makes for a view of the TV I'd never imagined.

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