Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New glasses and small photo shoot

When I was a teacher at St. Mark's Elementary School, I was among the younger staff members.  I heard about glasses, menopause, and college tuitions long before they were a part of my life.  
One of the things that was often repeated was that one succumbs to needing to wear glasses at 40.  Turns out I was ahead of the curve in this regard.  Made me ticked off.  

The one benefit to this need for corrective help, coupled by a good Vision Plan, has been the opportunity to get new glasses every two years.  Being the child of folks who lived through The Depression, it can sometimes be painful to lay out cash for luxuries like new frames.   

As a result my former computer glass lenses were in a frame chosen in 2000.  

I finally broke down.  Here are the new glasses.  

I'm sure they won't make it to the millennium but, shoot, who cares.  
They are snappy looking and do a fine photo shoot.

Aw, come on, now.

 Don't be shy.

Work it...

work it...

Come on... come on...


That's it!

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