Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Pánfilo Tales - End of January update

We have adjusted well to us being a pack/family.  There is a clear sense that Mr. P is comfortable with us.  We are deeply in love with him.  
Larry strikes poses get him to play.  Light hissing and light growling are a part of this.  Mr. P used to bark and Larry used to strike out.  They have honed cross cultural skills.

But we realize that our world is balanced by the world where Pánfilo takes his walks.  To date he will not be a contender for Mr. Congeniality.  
So off we go to "Puppy Training" classes.  He's with the puppies because they are more accepting.  He worries about them and his social standing.

Ginger is a sample of the beast who seems fierce to Mr. P.  
He seems to be the only canine or person who feels this way.
He is doing better than he was when we first began the class. 
He will continue to become more socially, ahem, competent.

But were a formal portrait to be made of him, this is what it would look like. 
I believe he'd be happy with the accurate portrayal.


  1. Oh, oh, "dear" is the word. I see why you love him. He is worth this training and care you're giving him, and he'll be a happy dog for it.

  2. One of the tangential gifts has been for him to learn to follow the "leave it" command. He seems to have a fascination, and perhaps a taste, for bees. This command has been very helpful.