Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring elections

A fire in one's belly.  That's what it takes to decide to run for office.  Or at least that is what it should take.  There was fire in my belly back in 2007;  following are mostly from that run.

Photo - Annie Whitcomb
During the campaign I learned as much from the folks who would never invite me to their parties; political or otherwise.  Often there was a kernel of truth to what they shared or illustrated a line of thought I would never hear via my friends.  Expanded my view or helped me clarify my position.  I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign.  

But to run for office you need to know - 
 that you will eat food that is cold, fried, and this side of the expiration date
Photo - Daisy Chilin
the words you shared yesterday as caring citizen, are now heard, by some, as the words of a politician

that you'll not see the top of your dining room table and your home decor will become early post-it
Photo - Daisy Chilin

that the forums you attend will feel like this from the audience

 and feel like this from the dais.

Campaigns are in full swing for seats on the Pasadena City Council and Pasadena Unified School District Board.  

Get involved - in a campaign or in asking deep, meaningful questions or  in doing research before  voting and then whatever your choice, in holding folks accountable once they're elected.  

The Pasadena Latino Coalition will be holding a Candidate Forum this coming Sunday.  I'll write more about that later today or early this evening.


  1. Loved the photos, especially from the dais. As a person who has assisted in campaigns, I know it takes a special person to go through the "wringer" of political office.

  2. It is does and just for that they should receive a bit of a tip of the hat. I enjoyed it because I enjoy meeting people and hearing their ideas. The sloggy part for a lot of candidates is in raising the money it takes to run the campaign. Not everyone has the luxury of having staff that volunteer their time and energy. I was extraordinarily lucky in that regard.
    Being with people of a like mind helps reinforce what you believe and being with folks who challenge your ideas really do help to clarify the why you believe as you do.
    I hope that folks will become somewhat involved in elections - especially at the local level. The impact from choices made by local governing bodies can be deep and long lasting.

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I didn't know you then, but I knew of you. You have such a great attitude.

    We learned today that our friend Joel Bryant will be filling the District #3 seat until the elections are held. District #3 is fortunate to have someone as dedicated, smart and interested as Joel.

  4. I think it is an honor to be able to run for office. I was almost embarrassed by all the fun I had. Campaigning is a lot like production work. Pretty proud that I never really got sick.

    I was introduced to Joel as a "good guy". I think you're right. In all likelihood he may be holding/sitting in that seat until June or so.