Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Thanks to those of you who check out the blog fairly regularly.  I'm mostly here.  But somewhere, at my core, I'm a wanderer.  I always connected with some of the sentiment of Dion and the Belmonts' song "I'm a Wanderer".  Don't kiss all the girls - for a lot of reasons - and no fists of iron.  But I do love to explore.  I love to roam.  So sometimes I'm out traveling when I could be writing.  Up side is traveling gives me something to write about.  Down side, well, not anything new for some days.

This last weekend James and I went to Santa Paula.  It was different this time because we had no reason, no performance, no motel to get to by a certain time.  SP was our stopping point for the day.  We could stop as often as we liked and explore on a whim.

First stop was Bennett's Honey Farm.  Small off the road, ever so slightly, but they have honey tasting. We tasted and then we bought.  It was busy the whole time we were there: lucky to get the image of the store without cars blocking the view.  The link below takes you to the tour.  We only shopped the store, but I love seeing the process that got us from bee and clover to jars in our house.

On to a couple of other places in Santa Paula, including/especially Laird's Butcher Shop and La Casita. Then on to a place new to us, the Agricultural Museum of Ventura County.  Farm and farm workers were the highlight here.  Seemed pretty clear that there were several audiences that they were aiming to reach.  Lots of bilingual signage, lots of multi-generational activities.

The didactic by this post read:

"What would you bring?
People have come to Ventura County from all around the world.  If you were moving to a new area, what would you bring? Something practical?  Something sentimental? Something to share?  Something to remind you of where you came from?"

The little card are posts left as a response to these questions.

The importance of bees in the area was reinforced in parts of the exhibit. 

With your ear up to the box you could hear them!

Best of all, for me, was spending time wandering with the Birthday Boy on his birthday weekend.  His age is no longer a prime number.  He's a teeny bit disappointed he's not prime.  
I beg to disagree.  He is always prime to me.  He's the reason I don't wander and I don't roam.

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