Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Recent Graduate

Living on the streets and counting on the kindness of strangers can lead to a minimalized range of social skills.  We've learned about this second hand via Pánfilo.  We think he was in a home and then was a stray for some period of time before being taken in by the good nuns.

Near as we can figure while he was on the streets he may have had to protect  himself  from guys with dark jackets and from bigger, fiercer dogs.  Unfortunately this is when he developed the bulk of his social skills.

Happy to share that Pánfilo has graduated from Puppy Training.  Proofs in the pic.  He did not graduate magna or summa cum laude.  But did mostly master not barking, growling, or snapping at his classmates.  He's less nervous around other dogs and is more tolerant of non-family members.

He was not a part of the group picture, but here is his solo pic.

He moves on to Intermediate Puppy Training.  

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