Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pine Stands Alone

James and I have finally succumbed to the 21st Century.
As I travel I send him a brief image and a text from each of my stops.  He worries less this way.  In some respects this is better than radar.

Sometimes the views are expansive: more than my simple picture takes could capture, but best to send an image so he knows weather and site.  

Here's my photo from the Jordan Creek rest stop.  It was built by the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians.  

Had to wonder at the trees isolation at the edge of the Seven Feathers Truck and Travel Center.  
Its tethering was quite the conundrum.
Was it being held in place to grow straight or was it being restrained from being with its brethren on the hill?

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  1. The northwest is my family's country. I have no experience of the northeast. I've never been to New York City. I mean to go to New England. But often, when I get a chance to travel, I head to Oregon and Washington. I have never lived there, but apparently I've got a genetic memory.