Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marvels, All

It was very thoughtful of our friend Karen Klein to wear her red top for this picture.  Well, I know she didn't plan to be in the picture, but I couldn't help but take the shot.  She was doing what most of the rest of us would be doing given the glory of the planting shed.

James and I couldn't decide if the shed was more like an apothecary or candy shop.  I think perhaps it was both; magical, orderly and decidedly sweet. 

I had to marvel at the care that was evident in each garden. It was  evident in the small natural graces heuchera and grasses or

in the boldness of a 50 foot boojum tree in Pasadena.

A postscript of sorts.
Many of the gardens had help from gardeners; some of them business owners and some of them jornaleros.    Their work with the soil and plants is folded into the beauty of the gardens, but often forgotten.  I know I forgot about their part, until I was reminded of a special birthday.

Poster by B. Cortez and B. Riley

 Happy 83rd birthday to Dolores Huerta, Co-founder of the United Farm Workers. 


  1. This might have been on last year's tour. I remember a great shed, with a cool collection of stuff.

  2. Images one , two, an four are from the same house. Our neighbor Martha is a phenomenon. Their garden is stunning and she seems to be really talented carpenter. She also constructed the shed for the worms. I think I could spend hours in the greenhouse.