Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Place, Structure, and Stones

Although the Native Garden is about plants, I found myself drawn to the way they were presented, the things that held them, and the way to get from section to section.

This was the "front" of a house that was at the end of a long, long, very steep, driveway.  It wasn't the first part of the house you saw, but it was clear that this was an important part of the structure.

You can see the edge of the house and the most clever way they defined a "private side of the house" area.  

Even the stuccoed chimney had plants and color.

There was whimsy, too.  This large metal pan held a bit of performance art.  The ice cone was filled with tiny bits of gravel.  As it melted there were tiny tink, tink, tink-a-plink sounds. 

James and I are in the gravel market, so there are bunches of images of gravel, stone, and ground.
Focused on gravel and stone edges,

transitions from one space to another in a foresty section.

Or as the base of an area where you can sit, reflect, and take a few moments to center yourself.

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  1. I love all of it.

    When I went a year or two ago, they wouldn't let us take pictures!