Friday, April 19, 2013

Shared History in the Crown City

The Pasadena Digital History Collaboration is a partnership that is focused on discovering and sharing the images that tell a bit more about our history.

You wonder what kids were wearing at the schools that no longer exist - the images are part of the collection.  Ever wonder where our longstanding appreciation for architecture comes from?  Lots of images to answer that question.

Thanks to the members that are large institutions  - Pasadena City College Shatford Library, Padadnea Museum of History, Pasadena Public Library, and other partners, a lot of historical images are already available on line.  Happy to share that Latino Heritage is one of those other partner and that we have been able to broaden the spectrum of what's available.  There are currently 7129 records in the collection.

In addition, PCC has developed a Digitalization Skills Certificate Program. Here's where things get to be exciting for me and you.  Students who are part of that program will  be at PCC tomorrow to help digitize family photos to add to our communal history.  

You had your sixth birthday party at the Arroyo, your First Communion at St. Andrew's, your first home at Mountain and Summit?  Your family can have the image saved and incorporated into the collection.

Each of us who live here help to make the city what it is.  When folks look at this collection they'll have a sense of who we were.

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