Friday, May 31, 2013


That is what this day was - discombobulated.  I was going to write about the PUSD Seat 4 vacancy and the staged reading of The Washing of the Waters tomorrow at Caltech, but the day ran away from me.  Or something.

So, follow the links to Latino Heritage and you'll find more writings on both those topics.

I will share here that Marcus Renner, a Pasadenan, has written this really cool play that includes Hahamongna, Muir, La Canada, frogs, deseg, and more in a really cool play.

The links will tell you more about the play and the PUSD Seat 4 vacancy.

Here are the pix of the reading that took place last night. By the way, there are 20 characters in the play, and it's written well enough I was able to keep track  of the different characters.

The bespectacled fellow in the second image is the director, Brian Brophy.

The younger, somewhat concerned looking fellow in the last frame is playwright, Marcus Renner.

We read tomorrow at Caltech, Beckman Institute Auditorium.  The free performance begins at 7 P.M.

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