Thursday, May 30, 2013

In the Mid-morning

In the mid-morning Mary takes her stroll.  She has lived most of her life on our street.  Don't know exactly how many of her 90 years, but enough that no one else on the block has lived here longer.  

She now needs a walker and a young helper to take her stroll, but she's on the road every day.

This day they paused in front of our house for a bit and took in the kiddo sounds that 
over the street.  

Jessica and her Littles were getting ready to go out, but first there was time for giggles and running.  Child-catch-up younger sibling sounds.  Ardent, determined - somewhere between plea and statement.

I had to wonder how many other voices Mary had heard on our little street since her family moved here during World War II?  

Did she realize that Jessica and her brothers grew up here?  Did she know that Jessica, who is now a mother, has returned?

Do Mary and her companion talk about these things?  Or does Mary taking it all in and enjoy it all to herself?  

People of two centuries, all a mid-morning.

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