Saturday, June 22, 2013

A blogging we will go

This is a picture taken the last time I was here at the Pasadena Museum of History.  The Magazine was recognizing women who are active and spend time in the Pasadena area.

Today we are blogging away at the 127th birthday of our city, Pasadena.  

I'm here blogging with Rachael Faught of Glass of Win, Petrea Bouchard of Living Vicuriously, and Robin Goodfellow who has three blogs - Your Family Viewer,, and White House Rhapsody.

I hope to back again next year and I'll know how to tweet, how take pictures that I can instantly share with you, and you'll get to feel like you are here in person.
In the meantime here are some photos from earlier today.

Bloggers chatting, getting to know a bit more about each other, sharing their info with folks that swung by the area.

Taking pictures for the fun of it.  Go Petrea and Diana Patrizzi!

All manner of folk stopped by.  I especially loved those with face painting.

  These young models shared some of the art before all shared a bit of the birthday cake.  

 Feliz cumpleaños, Pasadena.

Courtesy Laura Monteros
Right to left, Ann Louise Bannon, Petrea Bouchard, Mr. Pasadena, m


  1. It was a lovely day! And as always, good to spend time with you, Roberta.

  2. It was lovely. Decidedly not Illinois or Ohio humid. I'll be adding one more picture. Check back in a bit.

  3. I most particularly like the Petrea Burchard/Dianne Patrizzi photo-duel.

  4. It was grand to see them having such fun - in person, in real time!

  5. We should all get together and have a photo fight.

  6. Loved seeing the joy on your faces! What fun.