Monday, June 24, 2013

Near the ones we love

Our daughter and grand daughters are coming to town this week, so I'll not be posting on Pasadena Latina until at least next Monday.  

Don't know exactly what we'll do while they are here, but I am sure we'll be spending time together.  

So it seemed fitting that I share the following images before I dash to cleaning before company arrives, tasks at hand.

Panfilo, loves to cuddle and will squish himself in order to be close when he sleeps.  

Larry, on the other paw, will prefer to sleep on top of one.  On more than one occasion he has plunked himself on James' chest, and then breathed deeply (snored), while his chin was resting on James' beard.

 Haven't been able to capture that image yet, but because the public loves Larry, here are images of him embracing and rolling about Pánfilo's halter.  

See you in a week.


  1. I don't know what happened with my blogroll, but you and several others fell off the edge of my world. But glass half-full, I've got lots to read while you're away, starting here. Larry's a ham.

  2. Glad we're together again!
    He's personality packed. To see him roll back and forth, stop and inhale Essence of Panfilo, then gently touch the halter was worth several minutes of Kittyvision. I tell you, when James and Panfi go for a walk, Larry wanders about for a bit looking for the other furry creature.

  3. Who needs TV when you have pets?

    Larry is Every Night Live. And Panfilo is so dear, all he has to do is give you that look and no work gets done. I know this from experience.

  4. After the Kiddoes have visited I really must have friends who've a passion for critters over to the house. A few at a time so as to not outnumber the performers. Messrs. P and L are better than a bag of chuckles. Wait, they are chuckles incarnate.