Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Day of Light Bliss and Cheap Thrills

I've often told James that he's a lucky man because I'm such a cheap date.  
Not self-deprecating - just calling it as it is.  Sometimes it takes so little to give me a thrill.

Case in hand - I made the last golf cart shuttle to the far parking lot at Brookside after spending the day with students and staff while I was Principal For A Day in the PUSD.  

And I have my new purse, that I got for a song.

And I spent time with Rita Exposito, principal at Jackson Elementar. 

And I had a great time at Jackson Elementary School.

And I have some grand artwork by a student for my office wall.  I'll share that another day.  

And I got to ride in the golf cart.

A little moment of bliss.

Photo by Angela Parris

Note to self - Car is not a refrigerator.  Do not leave delightfully creamy mushroom sauce, from the  German restaurant Brummis, in the car and think that it will be okay to eat a day later.  
It won't.  You will wish you hadn't.

Lucky you recover quickly.


  1. James is lucky for more reasons than one. Then again, so are you.

    1. So true, we are each other's "media naranja". Or I guess in English, it might be our "soul mates'. By the way, he's a cheap date, too. You should have seen the look on his face when I gave him maple sugar in the shape of maple leaves.