Friday, October 25, 2013

Kinda post-Parade

Images by Rachel Young of Pasadena Now.  Link below.
When you are given lemons you make lemonade.  When Five of your Seven vintage cars break down, you pile officials, dignitaries, and board members on to a beautifully green 1939 truck.  Thanks to Scott, for again providing us with his truck and the sweet company of him and his son.  

At one point in time there were twelve, yes, twelve folks riding on this beauty.  

Clearly La Marisoul had a great time.  

Some, like Councilmember John J. Kennedy chose to walk.

Others rode.  There were more than 25 charros in our Parade.


And then there were all the folks that saw us heading up to the jamaica.  
Good stuff, this.


  1. Oh, the Charros. Breathtaking, magnificent.

  2. Did Altadena's Hiker go?? I wanted to attend this Pasadena parade! Sadly, that day was a whirlwind of events and dropped balls. Thanks for your coverage.
    Wait until next year!

  3. Oh, all the groups were splendid, but it was grand to see the Charros. I do believe there may have been as many as 25. A bit of a happy surprise.
    Altadena Hiker saw them at the Altadena Heritage Area. Charros Unidos went from the Parade to the dedication of the AHA.

  4. Thanks to you and your connections, Roberta. Until this month, dressage at the Olympics had been the best riding I'd ever seen. The Charros trumped that.

  5. There are two charro groups in the area. Each wonderful in their own way. I'll send you the contact for the other group in an email post.
    Well, you know, Latino Heritage is all about sharing the wealth of arts and culture that is here, and has been here, in the area. So glad they were able to share with you in a way, they probably won't be able to share here in Pasadena.
    They love what they do and are justifiably proud of their work.