Monday, November 11, 2013

La Filipina, touching the heart

This being Veteran's Day I was going to find something about the Mexicanos, Mexican Americans, Chicanos, or Latinos that had been in the Service.  

But I find I can not stop but thinking on the people of the Philippines.  Like so many others I fear for those who are struggling to survive.  Please check out the links at the end of the post.

I'd also like to share this image of these young Filipino youth that were studying at a young Pasadena Junior College.  I find myself thinking on them and on any of their descendants here or in the Philippines.  
This image from the 1929 yearbook that shares that their officers were:
President                   Giraldo Ares 
  Vice President              Santiago Baggao
      Secretary                      Vicente Bugayong
      Treasurer                     Vicente Bugayong
     Adviser                        Mr. Archie Turrell

Image courtesy of the Archives, Pasadena Museum of History
"Pasadena Junior College had restricted and unrestricted clubs.  The restricted clubs had a name or a purpose that were generally abstract or symbolic.  La Filipina's Club's purpose was clear, direct, and touching.  The quote for the  1929 yearbook reads, " La Filipina touches the Filipino's heart as a reminder of home." From 1933, it reads, "Filipino students, coming to school in a strange land, find their loignings for home and fellow-countrymen alleviated in the companionship of La Filipina."

Latinos in Pasadena, 2009
Powerpoint presentation, Martínez

Doctors Without Borders


Red Cross

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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Help for Typhoon Haiyan victims (as listed on

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