Sunday, December 8, 2013

Second week of Advent

So much going on.  So much has gone on... in the last month.

In the world great folks and folks dear to us have died.  We have remembered them and taken time to reflect on their gifts - in a variety of ways.

We've planted our fall plants.  We're now covering our delicate plants at night because frost was not a part of the planting plan.  The veggies are in and the plants in the pots are happily ensconced along the side of the house.  The oxalis is showing it's lovely, smotherly self; but we have a convert at the house who is helping to limit it stranglehold on the ceanothus and the heuchera.

I will be able to see the top of my dining room table AND know that the paperwork that was atop it is in a proper place.  No need to look for the shopping bags that will hold paper in order to do this.  Big change.

I have almost totally recovered from a good spill that I took in early November that kept me a little slower taking care of a knee that need time to heal.  Nothing horrid, just being mindful that a bit of extra care will help accelerate the healing.

Also, and this most pertinent to the blog, I have had to say goodbye to my old computer.

It was around for multiple interactions with folks involved with the Tournament of Roses and survived a proximity to a candle experience that left its mark in 2010 or so.  It was a workhorse.

It had countless images of the kiddies of the house.  These and a lot of other data has been transferred.  Thanks to James who helped me buy the "right" computer and to all the technical stuff. So more pictures may be taken 

and played with 

and viewed.

Time to start new adventures in the world.


  1. Love your pics and your kiddies! I hope the knee is feeling good.

    1. It's good to be blogging again The kiddies are always a kick. Knee is much better. I now know much more about water on the knee.