Monday, January 6, 2014

Falling into winter

I was prepared to write with some frequency this fall.  There was to be a return to some reflection followed by writing.  The Parade & jamaica took place, the lead had been handed over to the city, and a new role, a new focus for me awaited for me.
Then my computer died.  
The arrow/cursor did not move, would not move; was frozen and nothing could be done to save it.  
To put human expression to it....kinda looked like my honey.  

Well, he was able to move after this picture, the cursor remained frozen.  Not too surprising; the computer was old.  Ancient by computer standards and it had been a work horse.  We knew it was on its last computer legs, but still it was a bit of a shock when it froze.  We knew the time would come but it was still a surprise when that day arrived.

So on we went to the Apple Store and ta-dah - after a couple of good questions;  a new computer to replace theold one.  Fancier, schmancier, faster, and with some killer memory.  Much as I loved the old computer I was constantly dealing with the "not enough memory" syndrome.

So, then, all "we" had to do was to transfer all the info from ancient, and well beloved, computer to the new one.  Happy that I'm married to a computer magician.  It only took three computers and hours and hours and hours of work that is done with comments of consternation.

Oh, and this was the day before Thanksgiving, which was spent in Riverside with our Comadre Cecilia and her family.  They enjoyed taking a picture with me because I am one of the few people they hang out with that makes them feel tall.

The next week I had the great honor of being Principal for a Day at Jackson Elementary.  The Pasadena Educational Foundation organizes this event.  I ended up being principal at two schools because of scheduling issues.  Lucky me!  

I was hoping to write a whole post about the experience, and I may yet do so, but the transition from the old computer to the new one provided all sorts of technical hiccups.  
All kinds of setting and resetting and oh, I don't know.  Consternation.  Email?  Something about entities not recognizing each other.  

I wanted to share this image and text that fulfilled a fifth grade class assignment.  Students were given the challenge of coming up with creating a "clever disguise to help protect a turkey from its potentially dangerous environment.  Yes, the assignment took place near Thanksgiving.  Yes, the assignment was  on communication, creativity, and critical thinking.  

There was also a research road trip and a meet up in San Francisco with family.

Then it was back to Pasadena to spend quiet nights as the year came to an end.


  1. Thanks for catching us up.

    I love my Macs. I have two. I don't even have a decent pair of jeans but I don't care because I have two fabulous Macs.

  2. Still trying to catch up.
    I love Macs, too. For the most part they and I seem to work well together. I know which of us is Alpha.