Friday, March 7, 2014

By, for, and about our stories

History, her story, our story.

WE have so many stories to share; sometimes it's cool to have the larger links in our stories highlighted and other times it's great to have the focus on a particular group.  Our experience in the 20th Century, our experience as women in the 20th century.

March is Women's History Month and is an opportunity to share the stories that should be woven throughout the rest of the year, but often are lived on the editing floor.  Lots of reasons for this, but also lots of reasons to take the time to share work done by women.  You know the whole thing about holding up half the sky, right?

Locally there are lots individuals to highlight.  There are also lots and lots of groups to highlight.

Some of the older groups in the area were established as sister organizations - YWCA is a prime example of this.  Other groups were established because women were not welcomed into groups like
Rotary.  It was a sign of the times.

Zonta was established in 1919.  It was a place where a woman's skills were seen as an asset.  It was a "service organization of executives in business and the professions working together to advance the status of women".

One of the charter members in Pasadena was Grace Nicholson; a person with a passion, and developed great knowledge of, Asian and Native American art.  Her home studio has become the USC Pacific Asia Museum.

Zonta is still active - "Advancing the Status of Women".  How you ask.  Well this weekend, right here in Pasadena at the Laemmle Theater, Lunafest will take place.  There will be a series of short films: the tagline  - short films by, for, and bout women.  Lots about the stories that are told from different women's experiences.  70 Year old women playing basketball, a young woman dealing with Tourette's, a young female wrestler prepping for her first co-ed match, a woman dealing with blind dating: not usually the focus of any blockbuster but certainly stories worthy of our attention.  

AND for only $20 you get to see the films

AND you help to raise money for Zonta - the scholarships they award - and for the Breast Cancer Fund.  

The links follow the post.  Perhaps I'll see you at the Laemmle this weekend.

Click on the link below to see the trailer for the films -

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