Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Community Organization of Pasadena for Advancement in Education

The other day I wrote about Mrs. López de Lowther.  In addition to the accomplishments I mentioned in the earlier post, I could add that she was involved with the redevelopment (RDA) in the City of San Gabriel.  Part of her accomplishments in that capacity was to make sure that the adobe that is a part of the history of her family, the city, and the mission was not torn down.  I suspect her having had the benefit of her higher education was helpful.  She was lucky to have the support and the encouragement to attend college.

I present to you the ladies of COPA; a group established in 1981.  Their purpose was, and is, focused on disseminating news and information regarding Latina/Chicana issues.  They promote programs, provide resources, and financial support through scholarships for young Latinas.  

Lots of groups suffer from mission creep.  You know, when the group begins to alter what they do to find financial support, which too often leads to a loss of the original purpose or mission.  

Not this group.  They have remained resolute in their work and have given scholarships to deserving Latina Seniors in each of the five PUSD high schools.  They will begin to interview students soon.  Scholarships will be given at the PUSD Latino Recognition Ceremony set to take place on May 18th.

In the spring of 2013 the women were recognized by the Pasadena Mexican American History Association through the dedication of bench in Gwinn Park.  



  1. Excellent organization.

    I'm going to steal your phrase, "mission creep." Sounds like some icky guy hanging around the back of the church.

    1. Mission creep is a common phrase within non-profit group conversation. It's easy to have happen since philanthropic groups may change their focus and the groups begin to modify their work to better relate to the funding.