Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still here, behind all the paperwork and such

It's been over a month since I last wrote.  James is of the opinion that "nobody writes blogs anymore".  He might be right.  See evidence in first sentence.

But I have a real excuse.  A good reason why I've not written.  Dear Ones have been dealing with health issues, the day to day tasks have reared their Royal Heads demanding attention, and I continue to travel towards having a house that is somewhat purged of the unused and the having less sentimental value.

So much of the goofy is gone and mostly the meaningful remains.  Some for us to keep at the house, but even more to be archived elsewhere.

And then there have been the re-dos in the house.  What was a mostly empty, catch-all room has become my office.  I choose to think of it as having a controlled chaos about it.  The area will remain a bit in an "in transition" state for the next month or so.  The rhythm of work will help with this.

And I've taken to spending more time with familia.  

 Of the two legged sort as well as the four legged sort.

James, and the four leggeds are enjoying his new office and his new recliner.


  1. It's nice to know you are all there and living the good life.

    1. We are here and moving ahead one step at a time.