Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Belated National Dog Day

Turns our yesterday was National Dog Day.  Here's the link to find out how you can celebrate/recognize the day at any time of the year -!celebrate/cee5

I've included lots of photos of our current dogs - and cat, but came across these while sorting photos.  Hope you enjoy them.

1969 - in front of the family home in East LA.  
Michael is cool 'cuz he's rolling and Michelle is cool 'cuz she's looking classy - if a bit scraggly.  
I'm cool 'cuz you can see my knees.  

Our dining room.  
Please note window by sweater.  It was very handy for passing food from the kitchen to the dining room.  

This charmer is Agapita.  She was named after dad, who hated the name Agapito.  
He loved her.  She loved us.
It was a win/win situation.

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