Thursday, August 28, 2014

Still moving on

This last weekend we tackled the shelves in the hallway.  We found albums of pictures I knew we had  "somewhere" in the house.  I added them to the piles of old pictures that are taking up the space I thought was clear.  

This being Throwback Thursday here are a couple of fun images.  

My mom and dad were older when they had me, so some parts of our lives were really middle class 1950s and others, not so.  Obviously Christmas was taken seriously.  When you have one child and you've been working as a skilled laborer and one of the partners is a bit of whiz with numbers you can get an elaborate holiday.

Mom had been collecting Christmas things for nearly 20 years.  A lot of her china closet has items she collected at post-WWII prices.  We lived in a 600 square foot home, but doggone if she didn't have a place for her china and her porcelain from Japan and a 6 foot Christmas tree with blown glass ornaments from Germany.


On the other hand...

here I am in my coonskin hat with a bottle of booze.    

Do you wonder why?  I do, too.

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