Thursday, September 4, 2014

Agatha and me

One of the good things about technology is the ability to scan or somehow preserve photos.  
I'm guessing that this is from 1968 or 1969.  You doubt me?  Take a gander at the guitar and the paper flowers.  I think this was also taken before I decoupaged the name Agatha on my guitar.  

I was feeling somewhat radical because I was wearing jeans.  Yes, way back then, in my world that was making a statement. 

Taken in our living room you can just see the wheels of the cart that held our TV that filled the other corner of the room.  I still have the small corner shelf; the rest is gone. 
 Oh, except for Agatha.  She is still around.


  1. You're making me tired! I need to digitize about a zillion photos and I'm beginning to realize it will never be done.

    1. Oh, if you only knew how many are left to be done. What I've share is something like the molecule in the bucket.

  2. I only needed to see that telephone to be taken back to that time period! I, too, had a guitar that I played often. The Joan Baez Songbook and The Weavers Songbook were my staples. I may still have them in a box somewhere, now that I think about it. In the '70s I put my guitar case on the ground behind my car, intending to put it in the trunk, then remembered something I left inside the house. Now in a rush and forgetting about the guitar, I got in the car and backed over it. (Sob)

    Petrea, a hand-held, digital scanner wand is one of the best investments I ever made. It simplified everything.

  3. I had a compilation of some sort of folk songbook, loose sheet music and Pete Seeger. Then there was all that G.S stuff. Tried The Beatles, but their chords and my fingers were not meant for each other. Reached a point where I wrote a bit and just jammed with records. Once, while at Garfield, my comadre and I stood on a tabletop and sang the few songs I knew. A mainstay was "El Rancho Grande", the first song I learned in Spanish. That was a song taught to me by my grandpa.