Friday, October 24, 2014

Precipitation and anticipation


What has consistently surprised me throughout this whole cancer chapter has been how the existence of the blog has made my life easier.  Combine this with Facebook and you save yourself a lot of phone calls.  There are few things more taxing than sharing negative news  - again and again.  Using the blog and fb I only had to share the news a couple of times.

And then there are the interactions that can take place.  Like those experiments in chemistry class where a couple of different elements brought together.  Two clear solutions being mixed together and tra la, tra la, a ppt takes place.  It's almost magical.

Sonia and Petera meet electronically and, boom, my meals are set.  The tool they use is shared by Monica.  Linda, Elissa, Luis, Rocky, Petrea, Karen, Ralph, Ann, Kathee, Monica, Karin, and Sonia have provided great and varied culinary experiences.  Some have connected with each other and some new relationships may develop.  Also something cool and a bit of ppt of another sort.

I'm abed at the moment.  Not exactly confined to being in bed, nor limited from getting out of bed, but all actions and wanderings in the house end with my returning to bed.   This has been my convalescent center, my reading room, and  for the first couple of weeks my dining room.  As a result we've ended up working on details all around the room.

My world doesn't stretch much beyond these four walls at the moment.  And at the moment that seems to be just fine.  Well, it's not really just fine, but that is the way it is.

Bed Vista, Pasadena


What a difference a couple of weeks can make.

Four weeks ago my big challenge was having nothing to eat for over a dozen hours in preparation for surgery.

Three weeks ago it was learning that these is such a thing sitting up too long and that endocet sometimes needs to be taken with a Milk of Magnesia chaser.

Two weeks ago.  Well, I don't remember, but maybe it had something to do with one's memory and anesthesia?

Last week was all about learning that the reserve of energy I usually have was still on vacation.

Today.  Well today I'm putting my Get Well cards away in a drawer.  Even these nifty ones from Portland.  I'm not all well, but it's almost been a month.

I'll still take it slow, but it's time for me to expand my vista.


  1. Cancer and surgery are a big deal. You're allowed to take all the rest you want. Sounds like you're bored with it! I don't blame you.

  2. You're doing great, Roberta! Remember, these things take time. Give yourself the gift of ample healing before you get out into the world again.

  3. Petrea and Ann, Thanks for the encouragement. Tomorrow is another day to get stronger. Followed by another day to do a bit of work accompanied by a lot of rest. A different ratio for me, but one that will satisfy.