Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The lifespan of an ornamental cherry tree

Some things are more finite than others.  Turns out the lifespan of an ornamental cherry tree is about 25 years.  

About 26 years ago James gave me a tree of that sort for either my birthday or an anniversary.  This is best picture I have of it.  Every season the birds in the area come by for a visit.  Unlike the backyard it has been a plant I've pretty much taken for granted.  It's roots caused us some plumbing problems, but the tree was lovely and had great meaning for me, so I voted that it should stay.  

And stay it did.  It greeted me most mornings when I looked out the window and made a mess on the ground when it dropped its fruit.   I often thought of the  financial sacrifice James made when he bought the tree.  It was very dear to us.

Last spring it became clear that the tree was in it's 26th year.  There were virtually no buds and by summer there were no leaves on the majority of the branches.  

So it was with a bit of heavy heart that I contacted my neighbor, who has a tree and landscaping business, to come and take away the tree.  

They took a chainsaw to the tree on a Friday.  A little like putting your toe in the water before you dive in.  They took a talacho to the roots the following Monday.  This was followed by tying of a rope; one end carefully placed around the tree, the other tied to a truck.  "Dale" meant it was time for the slow, sustained tug.  

Before you know it, time to undo the rope and to take the stumpy trunk on its way.

We've planted a Ray Hartman ceanothus.   Pretty sure it won't last for 25 years.
Doesn't look like much now, but it'll grow and will give several springs and summers of color.

Who knows it might look like this at some point.
We'll just have to hang around and see, I guess.

Image from Las Pilitas Nursery.  It's a fun field trip

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