Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You can't reach back, but you can move forward

There are those times when life picks you up, begins to take you in a forward motion, and you can't reach back.  Seems like December has been one of those times for me.  Maybe for you, too?

Because of the weather, and because I was feeling stubborn, I was determined to not start to get Christmassy too soon.  I will shop for a deal that can be a Christmas present at any time of the year, but I won't decorate for the holidays until after Thanksgiving.  It's a more narrow window but it allows me to revel in rather than dread Christmas prep.

Except that Thanksgiving came late this year; window more narrow.  And there are changes that we are making in the house.  After years of using the back rooms of the house for storage we are now prepping them for use as real rooms.  This has meant that there should be a change in paint color and furniture.  The former will demand new paint, the latter will accept old furniture moved to a new position.

The first room we've tackled was the back bathroom.  It had been neglected for about a decade.  It was worn and tired.  The best it had going for it was material I bought at Olvera Street a couple of years ago and that was being used as a curtain.

Nights were spent looking at local shops like Habitat for Humanity and places like Ana's, IKEA, Lowes, Home Depot, and the like.  Finally we decided on dimensions and designs that would work in the bathroom.  A call to Don Jesus and we were well on our way.  Rather, he was on his way.  We had the vision and he provided his artisan's touch.  He also had the tools.

The end of Day One

The end of Day Two.

End of Day Three

We were able to do this just prior to the Portlandians coming down for the Christmas visit. 

On to the next room... 


  1. Oh, you kind of shamed me. When I had new plumbing put in, one of my bathrooms required drywall patches and I've never painted them.

    1. We've those sort of patches, too. Note that I didn't highlight the ceiling in the living room or the section over our pantry. Mostly alls I did was to paint the walls, purchase a couple of items, and place same in the bathroom. Don Jesus did all the rest.

  2. Thank you both for these comments. I suppose every house can use some work, but I always think our house needs the most.

    1. I don't know if I've ever thought we were in the needs the most category, but what ever is next tier down is where I thought we were. I'm lucky that for the most part I get to lead the way in choices so we don't have deep philosophical arguments about whether we should go with Mountain Pine, Mined Coal, or Intuition as paint colors.