Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good Days, Busy Days, Lovely Days, Funny Days

I usually write about my vacations after they've take place rather than while they are happening for a couple of reasons.  The first being I'm often in some out of the way place where I can't count on wi fi.  The second, well, I'm on vacation and I'm doing or not doing stuff.  The third, well, I don't want to share that my home is alone.

This past vacation was a whirlwind.  Immediately following our very successful PCC PLAC/ALE Scholarship Dinner, it was time to get the house ready for Kate and the girls.   I started, really I did, but my sciatica reminded me that I needed to rest more than clean.  I'm happy that I listened.

Because of that we ignored our dirty house and enjoyed time with our familia.

Saturday, April 23 
Went to a reading/workshop at All Saints.  Embrace the Chaos - with Ozomatli and some of my favorite actors.

It's been great to see Ozomatli grow from the group that brought what felt like unbounded energy to the Fiestas Patrias in the Playhouse District in the late 90's to having a show using their music to tell a bit of their story.

The girls arrived, went to our Compadres home and went for a swim.

Sunday, April 24 
Another Comadre stopped by and we had a grand time just hanging out.  Dinner - El Portal.

Monday, April 25
So much fun.  We told the girls we were going on an Adventure and were able to get all the way to Disneyland parking structure before they figured out what we were doing.  I suspect there's picture of us somewhere but it wasn't on my phone.

Tuesday, April 26
We Willie Nelson'd it.  Kate, the girls, and I drove from Pasadena to Portland.  Stayed in Dunsmuir in the Raliroad Resort Park.  We slept in Caboose #1.  

Wednesday, April 27
Still a long haul from Dunsmuir, CA to Portland, OR.  So we began the day at the Hi Lo Cafe in Weed and had dinner in Portland.

Thursday, April 28
Girls to school, Kate to work = time to shop for winter clothes at the Goodwill Stores in RIP City.  
School then Aerial Class for Cheli.  James boards a train to meet us in Portland.


Friday, April 29
Regular school day.  Followed by James' arrival in Bridgetown.  
The evening was special - off with Lili to see the world premiere of "Into the Beautiful North" at the Milagro Theater.  Play adapted by Karen Zacarias, based on the novel by Luis Alberto Urrea.  Didn't meet Ms. Zacarias, but I was able to introduce Lili to the author.  

It seems that there is going to be some really interesting news about "Into the Beautiful North"  - soon.  

Saturday, April 30

Thank goodness for Multiple Cars and Adults Day. 

 In the midst of the craziness we covered, two separate soccer games, Saturday Market, fence replacing, and dinner.   

Cheli and I went to theater and saw "Snow White" as interpreted by the Northwest Children's Theatre.  Quite the combo of the non-Disney version, but with Disney styled tunes and produced with an anime sensibility.  Grilled hot dogs for dinner.

Sunday, May 1

Heavenly donuts before James and I began our heavenly journey down the Oregon Coast.

Monday, May2
Easy drive inland.  What a joy it is to see Mt. Shasta with snow!  

Tuesday, May 3
LONG, LONG, long, long drive home.
So good to be greeted by the roses.

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  1. Wouldn't it be cool to have a caboose in your own backyard, as a guest house or office? I'm going to have to look into that, and then do nothing about it.