Friday, June 24, 2016

Oh, what a memorable birthday day; no- weekend; no - week

I turned 64 this past Saturday.  Thanks to so many I had a chance to celebrate this fact for almost a week.

Last Wednesday I gave myself permission and enjoyed a day at the beach with friend Kathee.

James had oral surgery a while ago and was going to have stitches removed on Friday, so I requested that my birthday dinner take place on Thursday.  We arrived at Bacchus Kitchen and I was happily surprised to see that James had also contacted our friends, Sandra and Luis, and they surprised me by being at the dinner!  Grand times whenever we're together.

Friday James had the surgery and then went to work.  I was home and spent the morning cleaning our dining room and living room floors.  I'll grant you not what I generally think of as a "fun thing to do", but I wanted to clean them.  So I did.  We had plans for the evening but James needed a bit of recovery time, so we stayed home.

Friday I also shared with my fiends on Facebook that I was looking for ideas of 64 things to do in my 64th year.  More on that at the end of this post.

Saturday was filled with atypical birthday joy.  Over the years we have done a lot of painting of the house.  We've also developed all sorts of no longer used electronics.  That day, my birthday, the City of Pasadena was having a Toxic Waste Round Up.  Zoom.  We were happy participants.  Thanks to the staff that was working in the crazy heat.   Then we went around and used the coupons that were sent to us electronically celebrating my b'day and Father's Day.   Okay, so maybe not everyone gets thrilled by getting a deal, but I do.

Sunday was breakfast with son and future-daughter and her rather extended family.  Impromptu Potluck Breakfast.  Never done that before, but I think I see more of them in my future.

I tell you; what a week.

Now the list.  Quite the list.  There are at least two thing on this list that will not be transferred to the final list.  All others; just might be.  Love my friends.

  • Have some ice cream & some cake!
  • Celebrate like you want and like no one is watching. 
  • Go to the Walt Disney Hall more often!
  • let's celebrate when I get home
  • Ask someone to drive you. Make a spontaneous trip, decide on where to go once you are inside the car. Go for the day, enjoy the simple surprises on the way, and enjoy your birthday day.
  • Go to Vegas and see the Beatles LOVE. It is wonderful and it will take you back to Strawberry Fields .
  • o for a bike ride
  • Give a talk on a topic or author or historical figure that is new to you
  • A tour of Mt. Wilson? Or get up early and go to the bighorn sheep area and catch a sighting
  • Read a classic you've always meant to read but haven't (Moby Dick? Walden? Seven Pillars of Wisdom? Goodbye to All That? tons of choices!)
  • Fabulous! I am planning 6 adventures when I am 66!
  • Let's do some gigs. We can finally, maybe do those Sephardic songs.
  • How about Cal tech folk dancing? I have been interested but would like a buddy to go
  • Let's have lunch at Yahaira's!
  • erhaps sending 64 thank you letters to 64 people who helped you, taught you or created wonderful memories.
  • Plan a weekend in Valle De Guadalupe, Baja California, Ruta Del Vino for great wine and food.
  • Obviously you need to rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight (if it's not too dear)
  • Hand gliding, riding bikes, roller coaster rides, parasailing bucket list?
  • Compose and record a song.
  • Run/walk a marathon!!!
  • Browse through Poo Bah Records at a nice, slow pace.
  • Write a song with 64 words.
  • Dance class! Salsa or samba or ballroom or tap or modern or anything you want!
  • A massage
  • Break a piñata!
  • Ask your family to get 64 individually wrapped gifts for you and celebrate with you as you unwrap each one.
  • Visit all 64 states!
  • Learn to Tango, there is a good dance instructor in Pasasena
  • Go dancing with friends! That's the best therapy!
  • Cross country trip driving!
  • Group sex
  • Appreciate what you have accomplished and value family, friends, and, especially, yourself.
  • the California Science Center and viewing the 3D movie "A Beautiful Planet."
  • Join your local library and help a person to learn how to read. The joy you will get is beyond description. Besos.
  • 50 good deeds in a month- from writings letters for Amnesty International, to giving to the homeless, to helping a weaker person lift something heavy.
  • We could put a few dollars together and hire you a stripper.


  1. We have to do more than 50 good deeds now. Yikes. Can I be nice twice a day?

  2. I won't do them all. I let Tomas know that I didn't need the stripper. It was curious to see that one of my friends "liked" the group sex suggestion. Knowing them both the suggestion and the like were done to the sound of loud guffaws. As for the rest, I suspect they could be woven into my life over the next year. Oh, also not going to do the hang gliding and parasailing. The 50 good deeds will have to be a result of general practice; I'm so undisciplined I wouldn't keep count past 3 or 4.

  3. It sounds like you'll have plenty to enjoy, Roberta! Good Going! Joe Sais