Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Matthew and Maya

I promised that I would write about the wedding.  It is always a challenge to write about things that our son Matthew does because he is, by nature, a very private person.  As it turns out his wife - not so much.  So I'll try to write to the middle ground.

First, it is true what they say re: Mother of the Groom being a much easier job.  The down side is there are moments when you are sort at the tail end of the line when folks are playing "crack the whip".  They have decided and we go along.  It's okay, but unpredictable.

It was more of a challenge to be the long distance Nana to the Junior Bridesmaid and the Flowergirl.  Shoes, dress, necklace, hair, earrings.  I love the hunt that is shopping.  They do not.

Thursday prior - dinner together with our nuclear family (sans son-in-law).  Old favorites and other options 'cuz two of us were still watching their diet.  Dessert?  Nah, off to Payless to find shoes.

Friday the nietas and I paid for a parking lot rental, then went shopping for gift for their Tio and Tia - to-be.  Shot glasses and dessert cups, followed by intensive wrapping.

And some bonding time, too.

Haircuts with our dear friend Sharyl who has cut and styled four generations in our family.

She was at the first person to cut Matthew's hair and did his 'do for the wedding.  She let us know she'd do our hair and would be at the wedding site at an appointed time.

Last minute shopping for goodies for bridesmaids.  Matthew and Kate had some quality brother and sister time.  Dinner began with ice cream.  Just one of those days.

Saturday Kate and Lili dropped off a surprise from Matthew to Maya and her bridesmaids - champagne and orange juice in a gift basket.

Saturday was all about anticipation.  And small details like picking up Kate's husband at the airport.
Making sure the clothes are ready.

And before we know it, the time has come to drive to Eagle Rock.  The site is on the way to beautiful.  

The bride arrives and is radiant.

The caterers are counting plates and the barkeep is focused on bottles and ice and the placement of it all.  The rest of us are getting to our appointed places and I catch sight of my child.  The handsome young man who will declare his love and his commitment - soon. 

James and I are a part of the procession that ends with Maya being escorted by her brother's to Matthew.

I won't say more about the ceremony except that the use of tissues was widespread.   M & M wrote their own vows.  Even though they separately wrote their vows, their first sentence was identical.  I could hear Maya gasp as Matthew began his first sentence.  Such deep love.

And then party.  

A first spy of the first dance 

a moment private and revealing

Toasts by - 

Lili who is almost 13 and was a Junior Bridesmaid

Taddi, the bride's younger brother

James, Father of the Groom

Time with friends -
and familia -  

And a whole lot of dancing!


Dancing for the joy of being with friends and family!


  1. Roberta, I'm so happy for you. Such a beautiful family - and I'm so glad you had the bonding time with your grandchildren. (Janet Aird)