Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday G.S., U.S.A.

I was trying to think about how I was going to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of Girl Scouts, U.S.A. I could goof around and write that this thought was rolling around my mind as a Thin Mint was rolling around my mouth, but didn't want to go the "cookie route". Or the "developing leadership/management skills route", either.

To a one my Girl Scout leaders were focused on our having the broadest possible experiences. One of those experiences was International Day. This was something that took place at a Neighborhood level and was as much about building competencies as it was about mini-tourism. Once a country was chosen, troops then had to do some research about that country including arts, customs, dance, geography, history, and food. Then each troop set up a booth and sold sample size servings that they had prepared. Typically we were in costume. Being Scouts there was a real approach to economy and actual preparation of food.

It was at these events that you would see girls of every degree of tan-ability dancing to music from the continents around the world. There was a comfort in "trying on" cultures that many adults would have been discomforted or embarrassed to try.

I thought of this as I looked at the pictures I had taken of the Norooz (Persian New Year) Celebration that took place last night in Pasadena. It was wonderful.

Happy Birthday Scouts. May there be many more birthdays and may you help many more girls enjoy the fullness of the world.

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  1. Have you ever visited Mariposa/Santa Rosa? The Girl Scouts have a very nice few acres just across from Altadena Library, and they camp out in teepees and cabins. Not exactly the mountains, but pretty close.