Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iceland Poppies, Tonka Truck, Metate, and more

The Iceland Poppies were looking very "happy" today. I decided that today I'd take a picture of them and share. The final picture included far more than the flowers and I got to thinking about all the things that are in this photo that I hope my granddaughters come to enjoy. That of course led me to think about what sort of other options they might have in their future. Which brought me back to Women's History Month.


I offered this challenge on International Women's Day on my facebook page. I make the same challenge today to those of you who read Pasadena Latina.

Name 2 women who are a part of the history that provided you with a role model. The can range can include family, local women, or women who are often mentioned in lists that are shared. In addition to their name, include dates and why you've chosen to list them.

Please feel free to "lift" this idea and forward it to your readers or to other bloggers. Talking and blogging helps to weave in our stories.

The National Women's History Project is celebrating 30 years of writing women back in to history. Check out their site:

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