Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Hermano

This is Kevin's birthday weekend. We first met when we were classmates in a TV production class at PCAC (cable access channel) around '98. We were both tired and became goofy when the teacher wasn't looking. Nothing rude, just juvenile play with what we called pencil people. Every time our teacher's back was turned we had our pencil people walk, talk, or jump.

We have continued to goof around in a variety of settings. We have kept the kind of friendship that is comfortable; he is not above telling me that I'm not great at camera work. I can be pretty blunt about about what needs to be done when we are working on a project.

Kevin was "there" for me when my dad was ill and I was "there" for him when his mom passed. He was one of the pallbearers when my dad passed. He has spent Christmas and Easter with us.

Over time we decided that he was my slightly younger brother. I feel really fortunate as an only child that I got to pick my brother. Even more fortunate that Kevin is my hermano.

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