Saturday, March 27, 2010

There were two Census Fairs that took place today in what are referred to as undercounted communities. The first at Jackie Robinson, the second at Villa Parke. Latino Heritage led an activity at Villa Parke.
A local family, the Mejias, have a Family Cactus instead of a Family Tree. The idea is that when the branches or roots of trees are cut the tree dies. Not the same with a cactus. Cut a paddle and place it in the ground it will grow. And it'll carry the characteristics of the parent plant.
The idea often resonates with those who have moved from family or migrated from another town or country.
We usually use this activity with preschool students. They place glue on the paddles and then they sprinkle colored sand. These young women took the idea one step further and added as many family names as they could remember. One of the young women kept remembering people in the family and their relationships. I have to wonder if she is a historian in development.

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