Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big X and La Polka Dot

This is image of the Xavier Montes' facebook page/wall. Big X is not merely a tall drink, as my Nina Mary would say, he is the entire punchbowl.

That would include his giant sized heart.

Big X is a Chicano artist and a musician who lives in Santa Paula, which is somewhat inland from Ventura.

He leads the De Colores Art Show and Fandango; last year the performers ranged from mariachi to a musical group of 36 very Senior Citizens. The Seniors had every bit as much energy as the younger mariachis. It was a great gathering of folks of every age. De Colores promotes cultural arts and traditions surrounded by cool breezes in the afternoon. If you get a chance do check it out!

One of the great things about Big X is that he continues to be a teacher for kids in his neighborhood. If you look at his website or facebook wall you see boys and girls of all ages learning to express their creativity. He figures out a way to get instruments for local kids - so that they can have a means to produce their own bit of art. He talk about and interacts with them with the greatest respect. He is impressed by their innate talents.

He calls these little girls his neighbors and his pals. Their names are actually Daniela and Jimena. He is grandpa and teacher, neighbor and supporter. If I were 5 and lived in Santa Paula I would love to have Big X as my mentor and I think I would change my name to La Polka Dot.


  1. Hola La Polka Dot,

    Que hermosa es tu blog sobre el Big X y el cariño de la musica, cultura y amistad que esta difundiendo.

    As someone once said, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood". So, you can be La Polka Dot right now. :)

    Un abrazo,
    Lynette Yetter, la autora de la novela, Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace

  2. Lynette - I will enjoy being La Polka Dot. I love polkas and dots.
    Petrea - He is cool and the festival is great fun.