Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No me digas, only two left?

Yes, only two episodes of Ugly Betty.
As a young woman growing up in the 50s and 60s in East L.A. it would have great to have Betty as a role model. I could identify with her awkwardness in social settings and sense of fashion that was never quite right. In my youth there only seemed to be the choice of Shirley Temple or Sophia Loren. A bit of a span there, no? Disclosure - I learn how to tapdance.

As a Nana I am glad that young girls have a chance to see someone like Betty who has had to deal with all sorts of issues of identity. She has been fish out of water, fish in the healthiest fishtank, and in the midst of some really fishy plotlines. And she has nobly remained true to her familia, her morals and has developed her sense of fashion.

Betty ends on April 14th at 10:00. In many Spanish language novelas the series lasts just long enough to tell the story. Viewers accept that the story will not last for years and years. My English language Soap training fights against this concept. I want to keep visiting MODE for sometime to come. But alas, I will say goodbye to Betty and her familas Suarez and a la MODE a week from tomorrow. Someone cue the organ and plate the churros.
Photo courtesy Mauricio Mejia.


  1. I must confess I have never seen the show but have heard wonderful things about it. Perhaps I'll catch in reruns in the future, assuming it goes into syndication.

  2. It is going to go into syndication. So many fun things about the show. Like all novelas/soaps it ventures where many don't even think about treading. Justin's first dance, with his first boyfriend, was dear. No dry eyes here. Sweet, sweet youthful sweet.