Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nor dividing the substance

Our young neighbor had a baby about a month ago. I attended the baptism on Sunday at Hill Grace Lutheran Church.
The baptism was sweet since the baby didn't cry. Lots of smiles all around. And lots of banners in the church.
Being in church can make my mind roam; or perhaps it is the length of the sermon is the catalyst.
Whatever the reason I found my self reading this banner and my mind began to ruminate. Not in a religious way, but in a humanistic way.
I found myself thinking on the idea of multiple identities. The idea of one identifying of being of Scandinavian heritage or Latino heritage. And at the same time being Norwegian or Swedish or Salvadoreño or Chicano. And American.
The celebration of the complexity of the individual - able to self define and able to identify with others.

"Neither confounding the Persons Nor Dividing the Substance".

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