Monday, October 4, 2010

Culture Cave

Yes the image is grainy and a bit fuzzy. It's hard to tell if it is dawn or dusk, but I share this because this is what the next week is going to feel like for me...and for everyone working on the Latino Heritage parade & jamaica committee.

So Pasadena Latina is going to go back into the Culture Cave and come out in about a week.

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  1. You, my friend, are a dear. Keep sending those vibes.
    It wouldn't do to have the weather limit the mighty 600+ that will be dancing, marching, strolling and walking in the streets.
    I can barely wait to see the entry from La Pintoresca Library. I understand there is a cardboard plane involved.

  2. Where should I place myself for the best photos, do you think? I was figuring on being near the library, maybe by 10:30. Is that early enough?

  3. Near the library is a good one. Last year there was a bbq at the church one street over. I'm going to the library today to rescope. They may be done with the airplane.

  4. I'm still down with this cold, Roberta. My neighbors not only attended the parade, they were in it! They attend the Spanish Language immersion school at San Rafael. They had a good time and promise to send me pictures.

  5. Get well.
    I can barely wait to see the pictures people took. There were over 960 in the parade.