Friday, June 17, 2011

A modest gift

Here is a natural bouquet offered to all who have:
  • had to wait for me because I was late - again
  • had to scratch their head because I presented an idea that was exclusively right brained
had to shake their head because I shared an idea that was exclusively left brained.

listened to my opinion that seemed like my brain was not involved in any way or form at all

read something I wrote that made them feel uncomfortable or omitted

did something else that was mildly to moderately reprehensible.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm feeling like I'd like to start anew. The idea of starting again is rather exciting.

I'm listening to Laura Nyro - La Reina - as far as I'm concerned - and I'm getting ready for my B'day weekend to start.

So please accept the bouquet. Have a slice of mango, a chocolate, or a drink on me.

I'm planning to celebrate.


  1. Oh, look at this! It's your birthday and you're giving out presents. The post itself is gift enough. Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks Petrea. James did share a small concern that I might have a sizable bill to pay if folks were to take me up on my offer.